Al Hajeri Collection and Recovery take pleasure in introducing

Al Hajeri is a division of the Gulf Target Group, headquartered in Sharjah. Al Hajeri Debt Collection is a fully licensed company that specializes in collecting outstanding debts on our clients' behalf - effectively and efficiently.

Al Hajeri is one of the largest, fastest growing, and fully licensed collection companies in the UAE, and specializes in all types of debt collection services ranging from delinquent accounts to write-off debts.

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Our Mission

Professionally and ethically

To provide prudent and consistent assistance to our clients to recover "Bad Debts" as quickly as possible and minimize client losses professionally and ethically. However, Collection the debt in full is always our primary goal.

On time

Receiving payments promptly on any provided products or services is the main element for any well run business. We believe on the values of time and money. Our experienced resources promise to provide a high returns in a short period we will help you save your time and money.


We believe that communication is the key to a successful client/collection unit relationship. Our Clients are kept informed and updated about the status of their cases at all the time. Internet access to our client of recovery process for each case Monthly written status reports "or upon request" Consistent & regular day to day verbal contacts and e-mail or fax Fixed meetings in clients premises and in our offices.

Our Philosophy

We also strongly encourage our clients to take responsibilty for their own lives

We recognize that legal problems can pose some of the most difficult and emotional issues for people to deal with.

We also recognize that when a client comes into our office, he or she is looking for high quality legal advice, mature and reasoned counsel and representation that meets his or her needs. We take the time necessary to represent each of our clients to the best of our ability, and strive to maintain the very highest ethical standards. We know that our clients need much more than just advice on any particular problem, and we try and adopt a more holistic approach, and give our clients our best counsel regarding both the questions they ask, and the questions they do not think to ask. We maintain our familiarity with the latest developments in our areas of practice by attending numerous seminars and constant review of legal articles and legislative developments, so that we can provide appropriate and timely answers to even the most difficult questions.

Our Skills

Banking & Finance
Corporate & Commercial
Information Technology

Our Team