We at Al Hajeri Collection and Recovery take pleasure in introducing our specialized follow up and collection unit which has been created and designed to serve our clients in the Region and Internationally to help in the recovery all types of Debts using a highly qualified team of experienced Managers and motivated staff.

The Al Hajeri collection unit is the fastest growing unit in U.A.E

Slow payers and defaulting clients cost more, limit your operations and cash flow and reduce your profits and can have a major impact on the business and we understand the challenges this brings to any business, small or large.

We believe in the benefit of direct contact, communication, professional negotiation and consistency as the primary tools of collection and understand they are vital to a successful recovery in the shortest possible time.

If after the negotiation and all possible follow up actions are exhausted and unfortunately a satisfactory solution has not been reached, as a legal firm we have the ability to pursue a legal action if it were to be necessary and instructed by the client as a course of action they wish to pursue.

All assignments undertaken by us are handled taking into account the client's needs, being professionally supervised under the watchful eye of the dedicated manager. We can advise the client of best way to approach any given situation, be it small or large and how best to pursue a course of action. We are here to support our clients in what can be a sensitive area of their business and be sympathetic to the issue surrounding debt collection and any subsequent action. You are assured of a professional approach by simply contacting us to discuss your needs.

Security and Confidentiality

Our industry understanding ensures that security futures are designed into each new development to protect sensitive data. 

All information and material relating to cases referred to us is confidential information and will be kept as confidential. We will provide a high standard of care and integrity protecting the confidential information to prevent any disclosure. Following a code of ethics and high standard of quality while handling delinquent customers. We guarantee you ethical and professional services.

Staffing Skills And Training

Our gradual internal training programmers provided to enable our dedicated team to understand the needs of this particular market. Our clients can be sure of the pedigree of the people who will be handling and maintaining relationships with their Debtors.

Our team members are multilingual, multicultural & well qualified.

Our aim is to preserve the relation between creditor & debtor wherever possible.

Every member of our team understands and works to our high standard of customer's service in a lawsuit, assuring continuity in approach and consistent communication. We are using the latest technology, best people and up to date strategies to provide any solution you seek, we make sure our people well motivated which will help them motivate your Debtors to repay.

Skip Tracing (Out of U.A.E)

We expand our collection & legal services to out of U.A.E. Our resources are professional in tracing skip customers & updating their address and data. Also our legal overseas services provided in cooperation with well reputed international legal firms worldwide.