Our Services

Here at Al Hajeri Advocates we cover a wide range of services to assist our clients in when challenging times present themselves. We aim to make the legal process a transparent process keeping you informed as the case develops and working with you our client to ensure your best interests are served.


1. Civil Law

We are conversant with all elements of the Civil Case Law and Shariah Law and understand how the courts work under these provisions to assist you to have the best possible chance of success.


2. Commercial Law

We can assist you from the formation of your business, be that a small, medium or large business venture. We have our own team of commercial advisors with International experience and the ability to bring local guidance to International business. We can assist in disputes arising from contracts and not always do we need to go to court, but our team of commercial advisors will assess the merits of a negotiated settlement that often saves time and money for all parties.


3. Maritime Law

The UAE is one of the largest but also one of the fastest growing Maritime destinations in the world. This brings with it unique challenges and we are able to assist in Maritime disputes. We can deal with customs issues throughout the UAE and we are happy to assist clients with understanding what is needed on all elements of Maritime contracts.


4. Criminal Law

At Al Hajeri Advocates we have a team of people dedicated to the support of criminal cases. We understand the urgency that some cases will bring and have on standby lawyers to help when a crisis arises. But we also have excellent court representation and presence to assist in the whole criminal case hearings and appeals process. We also understand how challenging criminal law is for our clients and we will advise and support all our clients through what can be a very difficult time for the best outcome possible.


5. Labour and Employment Law

The background of our senior team here at Al Hajeri Advocates means we have specialist knowledge on all elements of 5. Labour law, visas, employee and employers responsibilities and how they are viewed by the UAE Authorities. We will work with our clients to defend their rights and support them when they have been aggrieved or have a dispute that has arisen.


6. Shariah Law

Al Hajeri Advocates are well versed in all elements of Shariah Law. We will work with Families to resolve issues, but when all else fails we will support our clients to represent them in the court for the best outcome possible, whilst understanding the sensitivity of these cases.


7. Companies Support

We are able to assist a company to register in any Emirate in the UAE. We can also assist in the registration of trademarks, patents and intellectual property and the rights that these properties bring to our clients, both locally and internationally. We can assist in Insurance needs for any of our clients where needed and generally support them in all elements of business formation and indeed business expansion.


8. Other Services

We are able to advise both legally and commercially on such things as Shareholders Agreements and Partnership agreements. We can advise on Governmental Departments and Free zones and what they mean to you our clients.